700mW 2.4GHz audio/video transmitter, US Version


New product

This version for the US Market, with FCC-legal frequencies. An alternative SKU exists for the International market with Lawmate frequencies. 

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$14.95 tax incl.


RF Output (50 Ohm): 700mW/28.5dBm +/- 1dB
Video input (75 Ohm): 1Vpp typical
Audio input (10K Ohm)1Vpp typical
Dimensions (LxWxH)57x23x12mm
Weight (Grams) 22 grams
Supply Voltage6-­25V DC (2S-­6S LiPo)
Power Consumption3 Watt
Power output5V, 1.5A max.
RF output  SMA female
Battery Input 2-pin Molex SL, 2.54mm
Audio/video input  5-pin Molex SL, 2.54mm
Frequencies     2396, 2410, 2430MHz (USA version)

Supply Voltage6-­25V DC (2S-­6s LiPo)
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