2W EzUHF Transmitter


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The long-awaited big brother to the current 500mW EzUHF Tx.

We call this the '2s 2W' Tx, for its ability to run comfortably from the 2s LiPo (and similar) packs used on modern R/C Tx's, and to emit up to 2W of clean RF power.

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-Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping, Spread Spectrum)
-433MHz/70cm Ham band operation
-GFSK modulation
-2W (~33dBm) output power
-Direct head-tracker input, adding head-tracker compatibility to most radios
-Power switch, boost power when at long range
-Standard SMA antenna connector, compatibility with 70cm antennas
-Flexible buffered, AC-coupled, PPM input, ensures compatibility with 3.3v thru 9.6v PPM levels
-Standard USB port (Mini-A) for firmware upgrades, and system configuration
-Single pushbutton learning of failsafe positions
-Binding function, which allows binding Single Tx->Rx, Multi Tx->Rx, and Single Tx->Multi Rx
-Mates with 8 channel, and 4 channel EzUHF receivers
-Power sourced directly from the R/C Tx (Futaba), or optional DC power jack, 6-16v
-Built inreceiver, for future expansion
-Custom extruded brushed aluminum enclosure

NOTE: These transmitters have sub-standard silk-screeen printing on the end-plates, which can be rubbed off with relatively light use. This does not affect the performance, and is why they are being blown out way below their original MSRP. 

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