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Vortex 150 Mini ARF Racing Quad - EU Version *


Fusion Gen2 FlightController, OSD, BlackBox Recorder. Compatible with Vortex 285, and Vortex 250 Pro platforms. Use as an upgrade for Vortex 285.


Ideal companion to our 5.8GHz SpiroNET Omnidirectional CP antennas, ranges of several km on a CE-legal 25mW system very possible!


The innovative ImmersionRC Antenna Tracker performs the almost magical task of following your model around the sky, pointing a high-gain directional antenna directly at your model. Supplied with 1 x 30cm RCA AV cable (3.5mm 4-POL to 3xCinch)


Stylish zipper case for the Vortex Pro 250. Fits the 250, and 275 (6" arm) versions, with props installed. Two internal zipper pouches to store accessories, spare props, etc. 


Replacement Synergy PCB for the Vortex 150/180 Mini


Lightweight folding travel chair with Fat Shark and ImmersionRC logos. 


The 600TVL CCD Mojo Eye CCD camera adds new digital signal processing (DSP) technology to the Racecam line of Fat Shark cameras. The result is superior light handling in a reliable, tried and trusted form factor. Expect better transitions from light to dark, better exposure when dealing with mixed sunny and shady images and a strong foundation on which...


Vortex 180 Mini Crash Kit #2, Carbon Fiber Parts NOTE: This kit may be used to upgrade a Vortex 150, to a Vortex 180. All plastic pimp kits for the Vortex 150 include Vortex 180 ESC covers. 


Replacement PDB for the Vortex 250 Pro. Includes the PDB, and PPM cable MAP Pricing: $38 USD

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