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Vortex 150 Mini ARF Racing Quad - EU Version *


Teleporter V5 headset only, Liquidation priced.


TeleporterV4 headset only shrink wrapped for Firebird


Vortex 'Fusion' Flight Controller/OSD Replacement PCB. 


2.4Ghz R/C series 4 channel Limited stock and no warranty


A no frills, quality goggle for tethered video piloting 


The 600TVL CCD Mojo Eye CCD camera adds new digital signal processing (DSP) technology to the Racecam line of Fat Shark cameras. The result is superior light handling in a reliable, tried and trusted form factor. Expect better transitions from light to dark, better exposure when dealing with mixed sunny and shady images and a strong foundation on which...


Lightweight folding travel chair with Fat Shark and ImmersionRC logos.


Vortex 285 Power Distribution Board, Replacement PCB.  MAP Pricing: $35 USD


Replacment center spider for V2 XuGong Pro quadcopters.


Vortex 285 GoPro 支架 一个更新的支架用于Vortex 285,支撑GoPro 30度倾斜拍摄,飞行时以最佳的镜头拍摄。 官方指导价: $27.99


Vortex Crash Kit #2: Carbon Fiber Parts In most serious crashes, the parts in Crash Kit #1 will suffice to get the Vortex in the air again. For the real serious stuff, parts from Crash Kit #2 may be required.  MAP Pricing: $49 USD NOTE: Pricing is preliminary, awaiting factory confirmation, if pricing reduces, orders will be tweaked accordingly.  

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