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LapRF 8-Way Event Race Timing System Best-in-class RF Race Timing System for races with 1-8 pilots. Nothing else on the market compares with this, period.  The LapRF is a personal race timing system for FPV quads using 5.8GHz video feeds.  The passing of a quad through the start/finish gate is precisely measured using the energy emitted by the 5.8GHz...


FATSHARK HD3 Factory Refurbished Headset  HD3 goggles reworked with latest optics and personally inspected by Fat Shark himself.   These are goggles returned due to recalled optics.  Goggles all have latest fan plate, thinner foam and are indistinguishable  from new.  Goggles are backed with same warranty as standard goggles. (EOL IN FACTORY)


The Attitude V5 represents a leap forward with the same 30° field of view (FOV) as the Dominator V3, high-performance VGA OLED micro-displays, and great pricing. Pre-order


Eyezone  FPV Goggles


The Scout is the newest Fat Shark product line. It is the culmination of years of work to design a high-performance google at an entry-level price. Pre-order


ImmersionRC rapidFIRE Goggle Module for FatShark goggles. Best-in-class 5.8GHz diversity receiver for FatShark Attitude and Dominator.


The Recon goggles are a simple, affordable solution to ultra-immersive FPV. Pre-order


A DVR Created Purely for FPV Instead of the MJPEG compression used in the Dominator, the PowerPlay uses x264 (AVC) compression, with a much higher bit-rate. The 30fps frame rate of the Dominator is also doubled to 60fps, which is essential for capturing fluid race footage.


DOMHD2 Shell and doors only (stickers sold separately)


SpiroNET LZR Long Range Antenna Mounting KitNOTE: Two SN5G8RHLZR13 antennas are required to complete the antenna array and are not included with this kit. 


Vortex 230 Mojo - Crash Kit 5 - All screws and standoffs


Version 2 of the Fat Shark Fan-Equipped Face Plate

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