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XuGong v2/Pro Kit


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MAP Pricing: $199 USD Blowout: 149 USD

Version 2 of the XuGong, with Brushless Gimbal support, an integrated OSD, camera switch, GoPro supply.

Crafted from CNC'd, anodized aluminium, and carbon fibre. 

This version for 10" props. 

NOTE: The custom Brushless Gimbal for the XuGong v2/Pro is sold as a separate product (XUGONGV2GIMBAL)

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A unique foldable quadcopter, which, when folded, will fit comfortably into a shoe-box. 

Ideal for the FPVer/Photographer/Videographer who likes to travel. Designed for the hiker, the skiier, the snowboarder, the world traveller. 

Folding arms use a unique locking mechanism, which requires no tools. 10 seconds from the backpack to power-up. 


- Designed for up to 10" Props

- >20 minute flight time with DJI E300, or Tiger Motor AirGear 350 ESC/Prop/Motor sets

-  Vibration-free camera platform (clean/dirty frame), entire frame+battery+camera isolated from the vibrating parts

- Optimized for DJI Naza, but supports most other flight controllers. GPS, and Compass pickoff from the Naza GPS (no second GPS needed)

- Single-cable EzUHF Uplink Status (UPSTAT) support for even 4 channel receivers without i2c (EzUHF FW v1.51 and later)

- Integrated EzOSD, with full battery, uplink, GPS display. 

- Integrated telemetry downlink, supported by ImmersionRC antenna trackers, and Smart Phone/Tablet applications. 


- Carbon frame: 96g

- 2-axis brushless gimbal: 140g

- All components ready for FPV, including GoPro Hero 4: ~1100g

- AUW, with 5200mAh 4s (10C) pack, and GoPro Hero 4: ~1.5kg


 Full specs and photos on our public website here