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    Vortex 250 Pro ARF Race QuadThis SKU is for the product, shipped in a stylish zipper case.   NOTE: This blowout product may have some cosmetic damage on the shipping case, but the zipper case, and quad are as-new, with a full factory warranty. Limited number in stock. 

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    Vortex 250 Pro Colored Crash Kit #1: Plastic part 'pimp kit' A version of the standard Vortex plastic parts in vibrant colors to pimp your ride. This version was the color scheme used by the Tornado X-Blades Vortexes at the World Drone Prix 2016.  White, Black, Orange, Hot Pink, Blue and Lime Green, are all available.  This version in Yellow MAP Pricing:...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 30 items